Who am I !?

Hi! My name is Artis! I am a queer 21-year-old CS student, crafter, and internet lover. I have always been fascinated by the ways creativity and technology can and do intersect, and I created this blog as a way to explore and celebrate these (and other) interests.

This website is currently my biggest passion project that despite taking up time and effort just inspires and motivates me more every day!! I can't wait to expand my coding and overall design knowledge and see how this site and my own art grows!!

I'm excited to see where this personal/indie web journey takes me and to grow my silly little website! There's so much to see and learn and I want to absorbe it all like a sponge

I have a dedicated about me page now! :3 (link currently broken)

i have a blog!

I have a much more mobile friendly blog here on my corner of neocities! I write about whatever I find interesting but it will mostly be computer and science topics, books, games, my own writing and ocs, as well as other crafty shenanigans!

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for all my creative endeavours (big wip)

My art

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My book reviews

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this website is UNDER CONSTRUCTION

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